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Some of you might remember a long time ago I announced my new project entitled 'Briar Rose'. Well, after many years I've finally got together enough shots to make a trailer. Actually, the first 3 minutes is more a teaser for the rest of the short.

And of course everything (3D) done in Animation Master, versions 8.5 to 11.1.

Here are the direct links:

You have the option of a large Quick Time movie at 81 Mb (800x450) or a small one at 12 Mb (400x225).
I've used the new H.264 codec so you'll need QT7. If you are on a PC it's better to view the large trailer with a player like VLC ( , rather than QT which plays it very slowly.

Stuart Rogers
That is stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Wow... amazing... really amazing stuff boy!
What is it? A movie or a series? Cant wait to get my hand on the full version....


Do you have any idea how long everyone has been waiting for this??
I'll give you a clue... its almost as long as you've been making it!

I can't even say 'Brair Rose' is outstanding as the word doesn't even begin to relate.
The words that come immediately to mind?

"Watch this trailer!" smile.gif

There should be big roll out events for releases like this!
That is AWESOME! I can't wait to see the whole story!

Excellent work... professional all the way!
IMPRESSIVE! Now I really want to see the rest!
Now, that is... WOW! Jaw-dropping! ohmy.gif
I would really like to know more about this movie! It looks like a Dreamworks project!
Absolutely fabulous - I am stunned by the excellent animation - truly gripping & believable acting with insightful gestures - combined with terrific wonderful humor - perfect camera work & angles - everything! - Amazing Amazing Amazing. Double Wow!

It's amazing! Every aspect of it is at such a high level. You've made a piece that rivels any professional studio out there...singlehandedly (or close to it)!


Hi, Stephen!

Oh, that was definately worth the wait!

I want to see more! Quite frankly I'm more interested in your stuff, than I am in anything that Hollywood or Pixar has planned. Sad but true. biggrin.gif

I love how Briar skewers the apple. Is that Mosey as cupid?


Carl Raillard
KenH should set up a site like Rust Boy and get people to fund the project to finish it. Obviously it's a quality production (the best ever out of AM?...mustn't forget the Soul Cage ones though.)

There are a few points I would critique, but given the over all quality, I'll let them pass.

Well done and keep us posted on progress!! (This is the first I knew of the project aside from seeing the characters here and there)

Oh and I hope you're posting this on the other forums.

PS Are those actors doing the voices?
...and that has got to be Mosey... or a relative in the role of the faerie. biggrin.gif
Do you have a website?
Great work.
All the best
AMAZING!!!!!! Great work!!!! smile.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif ohmy.gif
That was so AWESOME (jaw on floor)!!!!!!
Beautiful and captivating. Thank you!



Wow Wow....

um, wow
Now that was worth the wait!!!

animation, modeling, lighting, everything!
It is just INCREDIBLE!!! You did a FANTASTIC job!
Y'know... Maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing what all the hoopla is for. Yeah, it's an animation, and it looks okay. You guys seem to act like it's the second coming of DaVinci or something... Really. biggrin.gif

In all seriousness, fantastic work Stephen! I remember seeing models and stuff way back. Glad to see it in "teaser" form! Keep up the good work!
Stephen, Well I guess we now all know where you've been!

Busy animating your butt off!

I am so excited about your work, it looked just great!

Excellent, excellent & excellent!!!!

Mike Fitz
Wow, beautiful work!
Really great animation. I haven't seen A:M hair very much, but you seemed to have a great handel on it.

Can I get an idea of how many hours it took you to produce, such as: Modeling, Animating, Lighting, Rendering, Post Processing. 5400 frames of animation at 800X600 would have taken 900 hours on my computer (at 10 minutes per frame), and you seem to have some complex shots. Fantastic work.
Truly incredible!!


Fantastic work Millingen! You're a class act! Well done on finally getting it out there as it was definately worth waiting for!!!

Wow! Fabulous stuff!

And what a great teaser. It really does make me want to see more.

It's so good looking I half-expect some hollywood types to swoop in and ruin it.

So what's the ETA on the whole thing? How long is the finished work intended to be?
That was absolutly Mind Blowing!!!!!!......this is an excellent piece of animation and story telling. such detail !!!

Nice, Stephen! Very inspiring!
Outstanding work Stephen!!

John Keates
Great to see it finally out there for the public to marvel at. Nice to see my name on the credits too... though what I did is nothing next to your massive achievement.

Now get back to animating you lazy bastard tongue.gif
Yeh, what they said.
that was so terrific I watched it a third time biggrin.gif

I love it! fantastic!
That's outstanding Stephen! Beautiful work!
Stephen, have you posted your movie anywhere else?

Mike Fitz
Bravo!!! blink.gif

I'll stop working on B&J ... sad.gif
I'll stop working on B&J ...

The hell you will! wink.gif

Stephen has certainly raised the bar though.
Steven Cleary
It's great to know this thing is still being made (for some reason, I thougbt it was dead in the water).

You have created a definite feeling of depth in each shot; great use of colour and lighting there. Edges have a fantastic quality to them. The characters move in a marvellously camp way without going over-the-top.

Ooo-ahh, I do like that there west country accent. Both voices suit the characters well. Keeping it British with the use of Wham! Heh, I found myself studying Gordon's dancing to see if I could detect any George Michael influence biggrin.gif

Marvellous movie Mr. Millingen.

Brilliant absolutely brilliant ,when she eats the apple the facial movement is teriffic

I can not add anything else to the already overwhelming comments everyone here has made. You have a wonderful and inspiring piece of work in your hands and I am glad to have seen what you have thus far. PLEASE keep us all informed of all the goings on. I second the call for a website to document your progress and solicit funds for your project(s). Truly amazing.

Just to let you know.....It was your Mosey shorts and body of work that convinced me to buy A:M many years ago. You have now revitalized the creativity and ambition to further my projects yet again. THANKS!!!!


P.S. If you EVER need help please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to work with you sometime.

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

That there is some fine looking frames.

Thanks everyone for the great responses. I've just posted it over at CGTalk, so I hope they like it as much as you chaps do........ but you know how snooty they can be.
It is a great relief to finally have something to show, sorry it's taken so long, but there are only so many weekends in the year in which to work on this stuff.
Although I have a few more shots which didn't make the cut for this trailer, there won't be any more adventures with Briar Rose and Gordon unless I get some serious funding!
I plan on creating a web site devoted to her escapades, which should shed some more light on how the trailer was made and the story created by my friend Edward Blake.
Yes, that is Mosey reincarnated as cupid, I intend to give him cameo roles in all my animations from now on, just like Hitchcock used to play walk on parts in all his films.
I must thank Carl Raillard for teaching me how to rig and for the use of his chatter buster rig.
It might seem odd to say, but I would now like to spend more time just animating. This project was perhaps only 40% animation, lighting and re-rendering for example took inordinate amounts of time. Just recently I bought a LCD screen, and to my horror the extra brightness and clarity of the monitor revealed a number of pass throughs. For a mad moment, I considered re-rendering some of the scenes.... however you have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise nothing would ever see the light of day.
Dimos - I'd be honoured to one day work with you, we must chat!

Okay, if any of you wish me to answer any geeky technical questions I'd be only to happy to oblige...... I love to hear details myself.
You must have had some serious rendering horsepower (or you are very disciplined) to make that!!

WEEKENDS!!!!! Weekends, he says!

Stephen, we're all blown away here at Hash. You've topped yourself again, by a factor or 10 at least!

I've booked a flight to London so that I may shake you by the hand sir!
I was going to go to work the booth at MacExpo, but after seeing the new animation, that's just secondary to meeting you again. :-)

We would very much like to show this in our booth at our upcoming trade shows. We will make sure everyone knows you are the talent behind this. A:M was the conduit.

You know, I'm going to stop typing and watch it again!

ddustin - Probably a better description is 'anal' wink.gif
I rendered practically all of it on one computer, while on a second computer I did the work.

Jim - it also helps if you don't have a life too, and it gives me the week to render out frames that have hair in them biggrin.gif
Yes, that is Mosey reincarnated as cupid, I intend to give him cameo roles in all my animations from now on, just like Hitchcock used to play walk on parts in all his films.

That is such a great touch. A great little extra for all those that follow your work.

I'm having a hard time thinking of questions.
Trust me... that's rare.

Added: I've seen some of your early character designs and animation.
That website will be most welcome by me.

I can't get over how great that is!!!!

How did you get started in animation?

From (an aspiring Pixar animator), wink.gif

Edit- I know I've seen those characters in a past image contest for the Hash mascot
( )....are you going to re-enter them again in this upcoming mascot contest or would you consider it???? The timing couldn't be more perfect! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Well, if you ever do get funding and you want to make that movie, don't forget us all here on the forums.

One little thing that really stands out is the arrow heads on cupids arrows.....heart shaped. I've never seen that before and it's so obvious.
That is just incredible! I am so glad you are still working on it. In fact, I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks for this.

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