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Well, since I posted my Spider-man pic for the Image contest awhile back:

Old Spider-Man Pic

I got comments that my proportions were all off. Well, they were right on the money there. I never realized that I suck when it comes to making well proportioned humaniods.

I decided to break out my old Poser program and make some rotos of a human male (front, side and back). If anyone would want these, I could zip them up and post them here. I brought them into A:M, and modeled according to the size and shape of the rotos. So now if my proportions are off we can blame Poser smile.gif.

Down at the bottom is the attached picture of my new Spider-man WIP from the front 3-4th and back view. I'm still working on the back. The slight color variation in the red, and the specularity in the blue are cylindrical projection map on those groups.

The thing that is going to totally suck about redoing my Spider-man is that I will have to re-decal it with the black webbing. Which means I will have to totally redo the decals -- UGH!

Comments are appreciated

Jeff B.

Nice modeling! The area around the neck and collarbone are especially nice. The proportions look pretty realistic. Maybe just a little too realistic for a comic book super hero? Their proportions are pretty exaggerated, especially in the lower legs, feet and hands.

Still, it looks great!

Thanks alot, Jim. It means alot from a modeller like you. I decided to go for more of the movie look, rather than the comic. That's why I wanted more realistic proportions.

I'm having more trouble with doing the webbing on this one than I did the original, ugh! I don't really know why. So, instead of getting too frustrated I thought I'd put him in the black costume for now -- since it's easier smile.gif.

Comments appreciated.

Jeff B.
nice model! aew you going for the old school spiderman or the Todd McFarlane's Spiderman. Because his body looks great but the comic and the movie version has some of his features exaggerated in joint area and for some reason for which i personally don't like the always put extra emphasis on the Head an Eyes distorting on enlarging it a bit. But I think your hash model will be great for animation. Maybe one day soon next year one of my characters can do a team up with yours i go about a good fourty or fifty models maybe 20 completely model and another 100 not modeled..... blink.gif
Thanks for the comments AMAR. I'm not really going for either look. Just a realistically proportion superhero smile.gif. I guess I'm going for my own look.

Jeff B.
Looking really good! Keep it up!
Mike Fitz
I really like this black Spider Man. I think you should develop this as an alternative to the more popular color scheme. My 2 cents.

Great model. Go man go!
Mike Lium
The velvet Spiderman is really cool cool.gif
I remember the image in the contest and thought to myself that he was just not positioned well ,but the Spiderman itself was very good.
Thanks alot guys. I've decided to stick with the black costume for a little while and build a scene around Spider-man in it. Here he is in a hanging pose. I'm still working on making the web look more silky.

Thanks again for the comments. Keep 'em coming.

Jeff B.
Very nice. I would check your reference for the logo on the black costume.

This may not be the best reference out there but it may help you.
Thanks ChrisThom. I decided to make the logo smaller than the original because when I remake Venom then I'll make the logo larger. Since everything about Venom is an exaggeration, I will make the logo that size on him.

Thanks again
But isn't Venom wearing the same simbiotic organism costume that Spidey picked up during the Secret Wars storyline in the 80's? huh.gif
Yes, but since the costume is sentient. It matches partly the personality of the wearer. So I figure the logo can change size as well. I might still change the logo to make it larger. now that ther are two others who think it should be larger I probably will.
Good job, very nice figure modeling. I agree with the logo size also. And something that's been bothering me about it, shouldn't the eyes on the mask be more curvy-oval instead of the rounded triangle he seems to have now?

About the webbing, have you tried using the hair function (if you have 10.5(?))?

mike r.
Thanks for the comments. I decided to keep the eyes on the black costume the way they are, but on the traditional costume I have rounded them out more.

Also the webbing I am having trouble with is the webbing on the traditional costume, but I might try that for the real webbing.

Thanks again.
Look's graet to me ,very umm clean looking if that's the right word. wish I was within a mile of that modeling
Thanks for the comments Steve. I should be posting another pose in a few days or so.
Ross Smith

Looks very sharp. =) I like the very light bump-mapping.
Around the back of the calves, I see two "corners", where the patches appear to meet. If you throw one more spline between them, it might break that up. Do you see it?
That's the only part of the modeling that struck me as less than excellent. Looking forward to developments! smile.gif
Thanks Ross. I don't actually have a bump map on him. It's a spec projection map, that's it. I also don't know exactly what you were talking about with the legs thing. If you could be more specific...?

Here is an updated logo. Larger and moved down into a position closer to the comics.

Jeff B.
Zaryin its looking better only comment if your going for human (old school) proportions for your model he should be at least 7 1/2 heads tall. If you're aiming for the hero/or ideal body type their are 8 1/2 head tall(today's standard). And the exagerated sometimes anime style would be 9 1/2 head tall.

You said you're going for the more realistic human body proportions so i'd even use myself as a model and using a ruler or tape styled meaursing device to make my proportions accurate using my rulers and drawing and scale down rotoscope of the proportion you desire. But the character looks good I think now you fix the proportions and the character few texture maps we be second in detail....... biggrin.gif
Thanks AMAR. Just to let you know my Spider-man is 6 feet tall. I don't know if I will be adding any more texture detail to him.
Ross Smith

It took me a while to even find that spot I mentioned in my previous post. It looks like it was just some kind of light trick:

In any event, that's a really nitpicky detail. I'd just ignore me. tongue.gif
Specularity map? OK, coolness. Looks good. smile.gif

Thanks for pointing that out Ross. If it was something I would have wanted to know. Here's another pose I threw together. I know it's not perfect, but I just wanted to test what the Set-up machine did to my Spidey.

I also darkened the costume and changed the spec color. For some reason the gradient I am using on him is blocking my spec pattern out *sigh*.

Now I just need an idea for a nice pic for him.

Jeff B.
Put the specularity pattern in the gradient material your using in both attributes and it should show(that's assuming your using a procedural texture for it).
AH! So simple, so easy a solution. Thanks natess44.
I'm glad I was of some use. I figured it out when I needed to make a poor mans glow around a planet. biggrin.gif
Ugh, after seeing Patrick's great Iron Man thread in the Radiosity section I couldn't help but dig up my original Spider-man.

I remade the head and made it larger to give him a shorter, and more of a teenager, look. I also wanted to change the eyes to these.

I'm using the same body, but I tweaked the proportions. Webbing will be added with Normal Mapping.

I rendered this in v13 with AO and one Spotlight. Eyes have an enviroment map on them. The costume has projection maps and a ambient gradient.

I figured I might as well finish this guy, since I keep coming back to him. The webbing is going to be hard, but I plan on finishing him this time. I can't get it out of my head.
Spider-man is my all-time favourite character! And this yours looks good!. I would just slghtly reduce the size of the head (2-3%) and exegarate his calves...

Can't wait to see him textured! (I planned to make Spider-man model myself but I got scarred when I thought about the webbing)

Keep up the good work

Thanks Trajce. I made the claves bigger, but I am leaving the head size alone -- at least for now.

Front torso and boot webbing is basically done. I might tweak it to get it better, but it looks alright for my purposes (which is to finish it, haha). I also figure that since I am redoing the Original Costume I might as well redo my Simbiot Costume. I am basing it off of the pic I saw for Spider-man 3. Since there so similar, it only takes some color tweaks to change it.

I always seem to like the black costume better. I wonder why that is? Black's just cooler I guess.

Anyone think the webbing on the red/blue one is to dark or to highlighted?

Let me know. Thanks everyone.
Ahhh, Spider-Man! Cool. Man all that webbing. I guess that's the reason I stayed away from him wink.gif

I love Spidey. I think you've got a great start here, but I think you might want to give him some more musculature. There are a couple of different interpretations, but I kinda like this version:

IPB Image
IPB Image

It's a great maquette and I've threatened to buy it, but my Spider-Man 2 movie figure is what I use...cuz the maquette is $75!

The eyes are big, but not HUGE like they were for a while. These are very Todd McFarlane-y! smile.gif

Keep us up to date!!

- pjc
I think you might be closer to the Steve Ditko Spider-Man than the modern one.
Thats a good thing IMO.

Those eyes though... gotta go with the white (as in Patricks maquettes).

The comic book fans in this forum have yet to be reckoned with! smile.gif

Thanks alot for the comments guys. Like I said in an earlier post I'm just trying to finish him off. He's been sitting on my hardrive forever and I figure I better finish him off.

I would have made a more muscular version, but I used the olvder body I had. If I did add more muscles I would have to redo all the decal work *sigh*. I don't even want to think about doing that. Maybe in anotehr few years, haha.

Ugh Rodney, I love those goldish eyes, but next render I do, I'll make them white just to see what they look like. smile.gif

EDIT: I might just tweak the existing splines to see if I can get it more to the shape of the one you posted, Patrick. I should be able to sdo that without causing too much warping with the webbing -- I hope. Remember also that camera focal length can do alot to give that comic look.
Ok, this was done very quickly just to see if I could tweak him with the webbing on and get away with it. I did it in about two minutes, and it looks like I will be able to. So once all my webbing is done I will tweak the proportions again, and better than they look in this pic. smile.gif

I changed the eyes to white and have to agree -- they do look better. So I will leaving them white. smile.gif

Thanks guys.
Thought I saw you walking down Villard in the costume today..nice modeling as always.


Cool. Much better, me thinks!

Can you do an AO render with a grey ground and backdrop, I'd like to see him that way!

- pjc
Thanks John. Where do you think I'm getting my reference from smile.gif.

Thanks Patrick. When I get all the webbing done I will do some real tweaking on the splinage. Until then you will have to live with the old version, haha. By the way, these are AO renders against black.

Ok here is the back torso webbing basically done. Still needs some tweaking to geet it perfect. I might also add another line in there in an area that's not seen in the render. I also tweaked the front webbimg a little.

EDIT: I changed the picture to show the fixed back webbing. Now onto the arms.
Thought I would post how I was doing the webbing. Inside A:M I lay extruded 4 cp tubes down as the webs. I color them black. I then bring it into PS and tweak it so it will look right on the mesh. The spec map is just an opposite of the color, except saved as 24 bit. And since I made the webbing as tubes I can used Marcel's Normal Map Color Mat to make a normal map of the webbing.
I cant tell for certain, but judging from your normal map i believe your y-asix is flipped. This would cause your webbing to look sunk into the body, where in other areas it would be protruding (because your x axis is fine). Any verticle webbing would appear normal, wearas any horizontal webbing would be dug in. I think that explains it blink.gif

Here's the sphere normal map is use when ever i use aavers normal map material. Notice that green should be on the top, red on the right, and blue on the left. You can Turn the Z-axis off if you want --it wont change the look of the render-- but if you ever want to use your maps in any sort of video game or use the photoshop plugin to reverse them, the Z-axis will have to be on.

Looking good Zaryin tongue.gif
Thanks alot for that info Dan. I'm going to screw around with it to see if I can flip it. I thought something wasn't exaclty right about the way the webbing looks.

Until then, here is my latest render. I tweaked the body, and for the hell of it I threw in a render with the focal length set to 25.
Ok, here's the finished webbing with one render as the black costume.

Time for rigging. If anyone can think of a cool pose and/or scene, let me know smile.gif.

I really like Spidey poses swinging through the city:

One of my favorites is this 3D image that Scott Sava did that I inked on top of:

IPB Image

I love that angle and the foot coming at you!

Can't wait to see some cool action shots, Zaryin!

- pjc
Thanks alot for the help, Patrick. I don't know when I'll get to rigging this one and making an image. I am thinking about what I can do for the Mechanical Image contest now and might start working on that.

Thanks again.
NICE WEB zaryn..... Your spider rocks !!!!!
good lucky in mech IC ..... ill be there too....
Thanks, Marcos. That webbing was real hard to do smile.gif.
wow that looks amazing! id love to see it in an action pose
This model is looking great Zaryin! I've always been a spidey fan. Makes me wish I were better at human form's and rigging them. I really like what you're doing with the webbing. I like the traditional blue and red the best.
Thanks guys. I will probably be rigging him so since I can't think of an idea for the IMage Contest yet.

Here's a render I did in three layers and then merged them in Photoshop. I realize I went overboard on the spec for the blue area smile.gif.

EDIT: I changed out the picture with the fixed specular.
Wow, that looks beautymass, Jeff. tongue.gif

Why did you need to use photoshop?
I likes!

- pjc
That looks really nice. I'm also curious -- what did you do in Photoshop? What did you seperate onto layers and merge?
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