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Full Version: Can It Be True? (Tin Owl)
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Can it be true?
Out of the blue,
Nimmie Amee's not lost to me?

My legs turn to butter,
My head is a flutter,
These feelings, what can they be?

A loud clap of thunder,
The heavens don't wonder,
Why her and I make we.

The look in her eyes,
There's no way to disguise,
It's easy for me to see.

If I'm not mistaken,
This one's not taken,
There's hope again for... Me and Nimmie Amee.
here's a skeleton concept. The first line is the "verse" the second line is the "chorus".

BTW, this is based on the way i've been saying "Nimmie Aimee"... nimmie ah-MEE like a french amis, not NImee AY-mee

Csus4 chord = c-f-g
(no e, no eb.)

This is using some very ordinary chord progressions so if anyone can identify a known song that this seems too close to, let me know.
Some edits to chords

now played by Windows robots:

You need to take advantage of that talent.
More... more... more music please.

Ooooo I like ... really like.

(I promise not to sing this...well , not really ... I am singing it - I just won't subject anyone else to it)
QUOTE(NancyGormezano @ Jun 17 2006, 05:47 PM) *

(I promise not to sing this...

I'm trying to imagine the first reheasal.

The kid reads the script and says "Hey, wait a minute... I'm supposed to do this song in ... a TIN OWL SUIT !?!"

laugh.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE(C-grid @ Nov 24 2006, 03:24 AM) *


Niels (Bob Marley) de Gooier comes through again.
Has kind of that Pixar song essense to it. Nice Niels! smile.gif
another terrific variation - love the reggae beat

terrific voice, as well, Niels
This file is not importing into A:M. Would someone please check into it? smile.gif
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