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Full Version: Coat rack
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Well, I had a moment to sit and work on another set piece for my animation. It is, as the subject indicates, a coat rack (or hat rack if you prefer). The textures are not final. I just threw them on there.

Comments, questions and general observations about life are welcome.
Nice design!
Hi John!
I agree with jfirestine smile.gif
But I have never seen such bottom of coat rack.
Here I modeled another type, that looks more realistically (in my opinion ph34r.gif )
It's just my suggestion! biggrin.gif

However it's matter of taste. dry.gif
I agree, the design is beautiful. I also agree though that the bottom should be changed. It doesn't look very stable.
Hmmm, I'll try a version without the curls exting beyond the feet of the thing.

Actually, I've seen a coat rack that had feet like the one on mine (though I think I made my feet a bit large), in prop & set storage for the theatre where I went to college. If I managed to wander to close to it though, I had a tendancy to always get my foot caught in one of the curls. The thing was made of oak and steel and was heftier and heavier than the version I modeled here.

Once I get a rework of the coat rack, I'll post it here.

So, here is a comparison of the original and the modified. I also made them taller, not that you can tell from the image.
Mike Lium
Hey those look good ,
Be very nice props smile.gif
Nice coat rack. Actually, I have seen a coat rack with a bottom such as the red coat rack - it was located in a lobby of a school. How did you model the curves near the top and bottom? Did you use the path extrude? Or another method?
I love both version. I just think the new one looks more stable smile.gif.
QUOTE(Mega @ Oct 30 2003, 07:50 PM)
How did you model the curves near the top and bottom?  Did you use the path extrude?  Or another method?

I used another method. Path extrude? Am I not using another feature to make my modeling easier, kinda like the duplication wizard?
I apologize, it's not called path extrude...simply extruder! sad.gif Found under plug-ins>wizards>extruder. You simply create a path to extrude along, name it, then add a group for the cross section. I hope I didn't confuse the issue. If this is your method, then I apologize for getting the name wrong, and causing any confusion.
That's okay, because it still wasn't what I used to make the curves. I would say it would probably be very similiar, but more of the non-automated aspect. I probably manually did what the Extruder would have done automatically.
Did you create the outline, extrude, and shape? I love hearing how other artists solve a set of problems...
Mega, once I have the opportunity, I'll write up a quick and dirty tutorial on what I did. and make it available to download as a .pdf. I just need to find the time to actually work on it. Hopefully before Thanksgiving.
Oops. Double post.
Just to make your life a bit more difficult, it seems to me that although I like the second base design, the base should be wider to give something that tall more stability, especially if you envision it loaded with coats and stuff. however the first base is more fanciful and if that's the style you're going for there's nothing wrong with it!
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