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Full Version: Exercise 14 - Playing Marble
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The Art of Animation:Master (Online)

Please add your exerices to this topic and others will join in.

The Art of Animation:Master is being completed on a continual basis in the New Users Forum. Meeting deadlines can be an important skill to master early on but this course is self paced to allow each person the flexibility they need to learn the basics of Animation:Master. The course can be completed in as little time as necessary or as much as is needed by each participant.

Note: You may want to download the videos first.
All available Video Tutorials related to TAOA:M can be found on one page:
The Art of Animation Master Video Tutorials

The Art of Animation Master Part III: Technical Directors Training

14 - Playing Marble (Materials)
15 - Eat My Dust (Volumetrics)
16 - Smoke, Wind, and Fire (Particles)
17 - Cosmic Bowling (Dynamics)
18 - Waving the Flag (Cloth)
19 - Flying South (Flocks)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Exercise 14 - Playing Marble (Materials)

View online:
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Zip (1.6MB)

After completing this exercise visting the Materials Laboratory here in the Forum is a must. Check out the Material Laboratory for more great information, resources and tutorials on materials and texturing!
Name:  Den Dotson

Exercises Completed:  Fourteen
Date Completed:  Wednesday April 6, 2005

Instructor:  Rodney (losing his marble) and that guy on the web tutorials hey is that a new web guy?

Remarks/Suggestions for Improvement: I miss the old web guy, we've been through so much together.

Here is a link to the 14th completed exercise with Thom trying out a new look:

Thanks Rodney,

P.S. The link for the Marble exercise goes right to the web tutorial with no place to post so I posted here.

Thanks Den!

The link has been redirected and your post has a new home.
I think I like your render better than the one provided in TAOA:M!

Also... I'm sure you've seen it but don't miss the great resources found in the Materials Laboratory. If not... spend some time there as it will be worth it.

The link once again:
Material Laboratory - Great information, resources and tutorials on materials and texturing!
Thanks Rodney,

I will visit the Lab after I finish my lessons. I am near the end and can't wait to frame that certificate up on my wall.

Name: Tom Jansen
Exercise: #14 Marble
Date: May 2nd, 2005
Comments: This is one of those exercises where you can follow it precisely, create a "result" that matches the book exactly, and be perfectly successful.... and still have no idea what you really did or why you did it. There are just so many (unexplained) attributes, and so many (mysterious) ways to manipulate them to get various results, that you really need more information to truly gain even a basic understanding of this concept. Thank goodness for some of the other resources out there!

Speaking of resources, has anyone heard anything more recently about William Sutton's
updated Technical Reference book? As I am writting this, the CafePress website still lists the new version as "coming Spring 2005." Granted, the weather around here hasn't felt much like spring yet wink.gif

Name: Ryan Betz
Exercise: #14 Marble, yeah right
Date: TBD

Tommy, i like your rendering and the rest of the room. Good work.
Now back to my exercise, lets see I'm the director. This stuff roxs

Thanks, Ryan!

And nice to meet you!
Answering these out of order.
You certainly add your personal touch to the exercises!

Very nice scene.
Name: Tenez Waggoner
Excercise Completed: 14 Playing Marble
Date Completed: May 25, 2005
Remarks/Suggestions: Piece of cake
Piece of cake

You're right Tenez.
We need to find some way to make this one a lot harder. tongue.gif

Seriously though, materials is quite a complex subject.
If anyone wants extra credit for this lesson take a moment to look at a complex material, experiment with it and post your results in the Materials Laboratiory (See link in above post).

Taking the time to learn materials will definitely pay off later.
Name: Leo Mitchell
Exercise Completed: 14 Playing Marble Materials
Date Completed: 5 June 2005
Instructor: Web tuts and manual
Comments: Too simple, I had to change the color though, Tried for Eagles Green.

I am doing certain ones out of order so that I can concentrate on the ones that I want to put more thought into
Good job Leo. smile.gif
Name: Paula Waslen

Exercise Completed: #14 Playing Marble

Completed: Jun 19, 2005

No coments on this was pretty straight forward.
Very perty! smile.gif
Name : Erik Kirschberg

Exercise : #14 Playing Marble

Date Completed 9/16/05

Instructor : Web tutorial

Very stylish Erik. smile.gif
Hi Rodney- I've mooved to a new section!

Name: Chris Wheeler

Exercise Completed: #14 Playing Marble

Completed: Oct 04, 2005

Coments on this was pretty straight forward so I worked through Anzovins mastering materials as well. The star is also a material.

Anyone ever made an opal texture?
Coments on this was pretty straight forward so I worked through Anzovins mastering materials as well. The star is also a material.

Ah. You are a student of the material master.
Bill Young's material demonstrations on the Anzovin CDs are THE resource when it comes to materials.

Watching him perform you begin to wonder if there is anything he can't make with materials.

Name: Melissa "Elissa" Heldenbergh

Exercises Completed: 14

Date Completed: Oct 14th, 2005

Instructor: A few years of A:M use, the book, and web tutorials, plus also doing the mentor program with Paul Daley. David Rogers book... Jeff Lew's DVD.

Comments: Some Materials make my computer cry, but they're worth it.
Only you could make a Tardis look so good with marble. tongue.gif
I can't help but think the good Doctor would approve.

Name: Dhar Jabouri

Exercises Completed: 14

Date Completed: Oct 30th, 2005

Instructor: Online Tutorial

Names: James A. Owens
Exercises Completed: 1-10, 12-19
Date Completed: 22 October 2005

Name: John Kuepper

Exercises Completed: Fourteen
Date Completed: nov9, 2005

Instructor: lots

Remarks/Suggestions for Improvement:
Name:Marc Vancouillie
Exercise completed #14 Playing marble
Date completed 11/29/05

Instructor:t.a.o.AM book and reading
in this topic what people have done before me.

Remarks:This was fun.
smile.gif [attachmentid=11801]
Now that is an image that'll make Shaggy's momma proud. smile.gif

Very nice!
Name: Splinesmith(Kurt Lange)

Exercises Completed:14
Instructor:the manual.

Remarks/Suggestions for improvement:
The backgrouund objects and skydome are mine.
Name: Douglas Karpp
Exercise: Exercise 14: Playing Marble
Date Completed: December 23, 2005

Sorry for repeating my previous exercise, but the marble texture fits in so well.

Name: Jody Krivohlavek

Exercise Completed: Exercise 14

Date Completed: January 2, 2006

Instructor: AM Handbook, Video Tutorial and everyone that's ever posted to these forums.
(Been around since the Playmation days )

Remarks/Suggestions for Improvement:
This is actually a picture I posted to the WIP forum I believe. Marble type material I created was applied to my character here. biggrin.gif
name: Sam Wiley
Exercise: 14
date completed: 1/4/06

thom has some ager issues

Name: Ross Klettke
Exer completed: 14
Date completed: 1-23-06

remarks: Any way to color the streak particles? It wouldn't let me change the surface properties for the material.

Name: Micah Jank

Exercise completed: #14

Date Completed: January 24, 2006

remarks: I love doing Materials! biggrin.gif
vary nice looks kinda like my red weed material and i will have to agre with materials are fun to make wink.gif
Haha! Never noticed that!
Mike Dalton
Projects Completed: 14
Date Completed: March 8th 2006

Looks good Mike. I like how you put it into a scene. That always help.
Good luck with the rest of the exercises.

Leo cool.gif
Name: Ken Singleton

Exercise completed:
14 - Playing Marble

Date completed: 5th March 2006


Nice job Ken. Like the pose. Your almost done.

Leo cool.gif
Name: Bob Koonce

Exercise Completed: 14 Playing Marble

Date Completed: 3-21-06

Instructor: Individuals on forum, TAoA:M, Video tutorials, and other material.

Remarks/Suggestions for improvement: None at this time

Any comments or constructive criticism will be appreciated.

Bob Koonce cool.gif
Well done Bob. I like the specularity on it.

QUOTE(Leo73 @ Mar 23 2006, 06:38 AM) *
Well done Bob. I like the specularity on it.


Thanks Leo

Bob cool.gif
Here's a better attempt at exercise 14

Bob Koonce cool.gif

Name: Stephen Molloy

Exercise #14

Date: March 30 2006

Instructor: Web Video

Excellent Stephen. I like how you composed it. I get the sense of him wanting to jump up and down like Rocky.

Keep up the good work.
QUOTE(Leo73 @ Mar 23 2006, 09:38 AM) *

Well done Bob. I like the specularity on it.

Oh, the specularity of it all!

QUOTE(Leo73 @ Mar 30 2006, 10:16 AM) *

Excellent Stephen. I like how you composed it. I get the sense of him wanting to jump up and down like Rocky.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks Leo73

i thought of it more a rock climber ( singing "We are the Chanpions" by Queen ) laugh.gif


Nice composition! That'll look sweet on your certificate. smile.gif

Great redo! Its easy to see you are feeling comfortable creating whatever you set your mind to do.
Mastery I believe its called. You didn't elaborate much but I can see why you are pleased with the results of your second pass. smile.gif
Thanks Rod.

i hope to see that certificate smile.gif

Yes speaking of Certifacates, i still never recieved mine.....
Yeah me neither... sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Name: John Booker
Exercise completed: #14 Playing Marble

Date Completed: April 02, 2006

remarks: none
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