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Here' another work-in-progress from the movie "Miss Cast Away". The background of Noah's Ark is unfinished, but the Swinosaur and his dinner are done smile.gif
Mike Lium
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Awesome !

Oh man that should of happened to him on the show.

Great biggrin.gif
So that was Joe Millionaire!? Outrageous funny! Can you have the Swinosaur visit a few more of these "reality" stars!? laugh.gif

The only thing that caught my eye, is when the Swinosaur first enters the scene. The walk seems to be somwhat erratic, or jumpy. I hope I explained it disrespect meant.

As always, simply great work Will!!! When will this prj be completed? Looking forward to it. As well as your Balrog!!!!! Hint...hint... wink.gif
Mike Lium
QUOTE(Mega @ Oct 13 2003, 08:45 PM)
Can you have the Swinosaur visit a few more of these "reality" stars!?

Im for That biggrin.gif

William you should use the Swinosaur like the old Vaudville Hook and make a series out of it . rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif

Id watch it biggrin.gif

" Worlds Funniest Swinosaur Tidbits " laugh.gif
Well I need to get broadband, but knowing that if mr sutton posted it it would be well worth it I just bit the bullet smile.gif glad I did, great work.

-David Rogers
Great stuff! I laughed out loud!

I think I see what Mega is talking about. The walk cycle when Swiny makes the right turn towards Joe has a hitch in it.

On the plus side, you did an outstanding job on the foot plant/pivot action. Almost like you mo-capped a real T. rex... Nice work!
Thanks! for the feedback!

The director has now decided that he just wants the swinosaur to come into frame from the side and snatch up Joe Millionaire at a certain point in the dialog. So I'll have to redo the camera angle and then I will spend a little more time with the feet dangling out of the swinosaur's mouth.
So the guy from Joe Millionaire worked on the project. MJ worked on it. Who else?
Eric Roberts is one of the other characters. Some baywatch types...
you can see the cast pictures at
I don't know if it was just me but the version that I saw had no sound.

And not to critique too much but I did notice a good bit of the old foot slide going on when the creature was walking.

Also, I'm curious how a guy from Chattanooga got hooked up with this production.
QUOTE(ChrisThom @ Oct 14 2003, 08:59 AM)
Also, I'm curious how a guy from Chattanooga got hooked up with this production.

must be the power of the internet... tongue.gif

You hear of all these VFX jobs going east, usually to India... But not always, this time to the South East laugh.gif

I think the foot looks like it's sliding because the Path is making a tight turn, so the cycle is skidding a bit. It probably wouldn't be noticeable with the nighttime background behind it. Now it doesn't matter since I have to alter the camera so that the swinosaur comes in from the side suddenly and then pans up to watch the feet dangling.

There was no sound on the clip I posted, to save space. The dialog wouldn't be helpful since there would be no context for it to make sense...
Ross Smith
The Swinosaurus is of admirable make -- ninja-grade work, I dare say. ph34r.gif tongue.gif

-- Ross

looking at the last few frames, the hooves seem a little flat and/or untextured. it's nothing an audience will see, but it stood out to me in an otherwise very believable model!

QUOTE(zandoriastudios @ Oct 14 2003, 08:17 AM)
But not always, this time to the South East laugh.gif

That's interesting because I'm here in Nashville so there's hope for some good work out there.
OK heres another go of it:

The director had me change the attack so that the swinosaur comes in suddenly from the side. There is a temporary background of the ark (but I will have to still composite some palm trees into the plate.)
Mike Lium
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

Very funny I love the legs at the end

I do notice that parts of the left side of his head seems to get lost in places almost looks like the Arc takes pieces out. does that make any sense ?

I dont explain things very well sad.gif

I truly love it.

It's the keying from the bluescreen. I will do some touch up to the matte before the final version, but probably not till the end. You can see a couple of spots in the face shadows too if you step it frame by frame...
Mike Lium
Well its leaps and bounds better than I could do William .blink.gif

Im very impressed smile.gif


oh yah the timing is dead on biggrin.gif
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